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  • Single-phase

  • High fire point (>300°C) with K3 classification (IEC 61039)

  • Readily biodegradable

  • Very low pour point (-56°C)

  • Non-volatile

  • Halogen free

  • Non-toxic

High Fire Point

MIVOLT DFK is a K3 class fluid. Its high fire point (>300°C) significantly increases the fire safety electrical systems.

Readily Biodegradable

With its readily biodegradable status, MIVOLT DFK cools electrical systems with minimal environmental impact.

Low Pour Point

MIVOLT DFK’s low pour point (-56°C) provides a highly effective thermal management solution – even in colder climates.


MIVOLT DFK has a very high boiling point – it will remain in a liquid state throughout the normal temperature range of operation

Halogen Free

MIVOLT DFK will not produce toxic compounds associated with halogenated liquids under thermal decomposition.


MIVOLT DFK minimises health and environmental impacts for safer thermal management.