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Off Highway

Battery Cooling Liquids for Off Highway Vehicles (OVHs)

Off Highway Battery Cooling

With legislation in place to reduce exhaust green house gas emissions and improve air quality, there’s a lot of pressure not only on off highway vehicle OEMs to innovate and manufacture efficient electric vehicles, but also on mining, construction and farming companies to transition to electric fleets and reduce their business emissions.

Heavy duty construction equipment must be robust, powerful and reliable. Due to the nature of the work involved and the harsh conditions faced such as steep and uneven grounds, extreme climatic conditions and risky underground operations, it is imperative that performance criteria is met.

Battery thermal management is one way of ensuring that performance is not compromised when switching from an internal combustion engine (ICE) to an electric one. If lithium-ion batteries are maintained at optimal temperatures, performance is maximised and operations are safer and more reliable. Immersing batteries in MIVOLT ensures that all areas of a cell are cooled effectively, sustaining optimum temperatures necessary for enhanced performance. This method of thermal management can also reduce costs as there is no need for complex cooling equipment and it also delivers operational cost savings by higher uptime of the vehicles.

Most importantly, the robustness and reliability of immersion cooled battery packs, owing to the high fire point, low toxicity and readily biodegradable status of MIVOLT, reduces the risk of thermal propagation, minimises environmental impacts and creates a safe working environment.

  • Maximise power capacity

  • Increase vehicle range

  • Make faster charging possible

  • Increase battery life