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MIVOLT announces major expansion of advanced EV battery testing facilities

MIVOLT has just completed a multi-million-pound expansion to their on-site EV battery testing facilities in Manchester, UK with the assistance via APC funding.

This facility was developed as part of the Advanced Propulsion Centre UK (APC) BMW-UK-BEV project, to offer enhanced EV battery testing for immersion cooling. The new facility now offers:

  • Environmental simulation chambers to replicate fast battery charging in climate extremities
  • Battery abuse labs to test thermal runaway scenarios on cells and immersion cooled EV battery modules
  • DC charge testing and thermal analysis on performance for immersion cooled batteries

APC’s project was geared to explore innovative technical solutions that would support decarbonisation of transport through battery pack design and improved battery performance. MIVOLT’s role was to supply the biodegradable, dielectric fluid as part of an immersion cooled battery design, and then test the designs under a variety of real-world situations.

“Decarbonisation of transport is a cornerstone of the UK’s net zero ambitions and we believe MIVOLT products can enhance battery thermal management to reduce charging times, eliminate range anxiety, and improve the uptake of electric vehicles.

We were delighted to be part of APC’s BMW-UK-BEV collaboration which, in-part, has resulted in the expansion of our laboratory EV battery testing facilities to comprehensively test batteries under immersion cooling conditions.

R&D is essential to the future of immersion-cooled battery technology, and through these sorts of collaborative projects and utilisation of the government funding, we can get advances in performance that mean that electric vehicles are more suitable for all users.

We believe then this will contribute to overall decarbonisation and we think MIVOLT has a big part to play in thermal management of batteries and associated equipment.”

Mark Lashbrook
Technical Director; MIVOLT Product Director, M&I Materials