M&I Materials launches new range of dielectric liquids for immersion cooling of EV batteries and charging stations - MIVOLT
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M&I Materials launches new range of dielectric liquids for immersion cooling of EV batteries and charging stations

MIVOLT is a new range of biodegradable dielectric fluids developed by M&I Materials to provide immersion cooling for electric vehicle (EV) batteries and charging points. By transforming thermal management, MIVOLT is set to unlock higher-performance, longer-range and more environmentally friendly EVs and associated infrastructure.

There are 21 million electric vehicles expected to be on the world’s roads by 2030 (source; Deloitte), but this will depend on manufacturers overcoming consumer range anxiety with superfast charging and longer-lasting batteries. One of the key engineering challenges to doing so is thermal management: maintaining a steady battery temperature. Allowing the battery to overheat accelerates battery degradation and, in extreme cases, risks fire. In the absence of effective cooling methods, manufacturers are therefore constrained in terms of high EV power output and rapid charging, both of which can lead to overheating.

MIVOLT fluids act as an immersion coolant for both EV batteries and charging points, preventing overheating. Manufacturers can therefore safely increase power output for higher performance EVs, and enable superfast charging. Better protection from thermal stress also increases battery longevity and range. As non-conductive fluids, MIVOLT fluids can come into direct contact with electronic components, which is both a more effective method of heat removal and a lighter-weight option than other designs relying on pipework to conduct coolant, or cooling plates.

Commenting on the launch, M&I Materials CEO, Giles Salt, said: “It’s not often you see an industry transform before your eyes, let alone in a way that you can actively contribute to. The UK wants to be a leader in the EV transition and it can be, but only if we can crack the issues of range anxiety and edge towards charge times more similar to the petrol pump experience. We can help do that. “We have been working in advanced materials and electrical insulation for over 100 years, with a core specialism in dielectric fluids for more than 40. We work with some of the world’s best universities and research institutions to keep innovating and growing. Our products are used throughout aerospace, in F1 cars, in trains, in power stations around the world and throughout the electricity distribution network. Organisations such as CERN, Boeing and Siemens are just a few of our prestigious customer we work with.

“So, with MIVOLT, we’re not approaching this as an EV start-up with a bright idea. Instead, we’re an established global manufacturer and exporter with the network, expertise and track-record to support this transition.”

As fully biodegradable fluids, the MIVOLT range also helps to bolster the environmental credentials of EVs and charging infrastructure. In addition to use in EVs and charging points, it has varied applications such as in cooling datacentres and power electronics.