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Liquid Immersion Cooling for Hyperscale Data Centres

Hyperscale Data Centre Cooling

Globally, data is being created at an unprecedented rate. In the 10th edition of its Data Never Sleeps (DNS) infographic, Domo, an American cloud software company, found that every minute:

  • Google users conduct 5.9m searches

  • Facebook users share 1.7m pieces of content

  • YouTube users upload 500 hours of video

  • Email users send 231.4m messages

  • Viewers spend 1m hours streaming

The more data we produce, the more storage we need. This is where hyperscale data centres come in. Unlike traditional data centres, that support up to 100 servers, a hyperscale data centre supports thousands. They provide vast data processing and storage requirements to companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Amazon. As their name suggests, hyperscale data centres are scalable – they expand and contract based on business needs.

Due to their scalability, hyperscale data centres require a seamless and robust system. Liquid immersion cooling with MIVOLT can enable this, as complex cooling technology isn’t necessary. Furthermore, this efficient means of thermal management also delivers greater power rack density in a smaller footprint. This means that data centres can be simpler and scaled efficiently.

Benefits of liquid immersion cooling with MIVOLT:

  • Minimises outage risks

  • Maximises PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness)

  • Enables greater power rack density

  • Enhances performance

  • Minimises environmental impact