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Home and Industrial

Liquid Immersion Cooling for Home & Industrial BESS

Home and Industrial Battery Cooling

A Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) provides savings to homes and businesses by storing excess energy generated when demand is low, or from localised renewable sources such as solar panels, and using it to power property/appliances/electric vehicles. This minimises the amount of energy imported from the grid at peak times, which significantly reduces energy bills. As well as saving costs, it also saves the environment by reducing a home/business’s carbon footprint.

The challenges surrounding home/industrial energy storage include installation, operation and maintenance. Batteries must be installed where temperatures remain an acceptable level, which in turn will affect their operation and lifecycle. If batteries are too cold the electro-chemistry is sluggish and charge or discharge rates are limited. If batteries overheat there is a risk of premature ageing, thermal propagation, or even fire which can be catastrophic. Thermal management is necessary to ensure that batteries operate effectively and safely.

Liquid cooling with MIVOLT can keep batteries at a consistent, optimum temperature. As the batteries are fully submerged in a dielectric liquid, all areas of each cell are cooled, reducing the likelihood of hot spots. MIVOLT is readily biodegradable and non-toxic, which further adds to its safety credentials.

Benefits of Liquid Cooling with MIVOLT:

  • Maximum battery performance

  • Enhanced battery lifetime

  • Denser battery packs

  • Increased safety