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Grid Storage

Battery Cooling for Grid Storage

Grid Battery System Cooling

Electricity grids worldwide must manage peaks and troughs in supply and demand while phasing out fossil fuel plants. These plants would usually act as a back-up to renewable sources, providing energy to the grid as and when needed.

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) will help with the phase out of fossil fuels, enabling homes and businesses to be powered by renewable energy no matter the weather, even on cloudy, calm days with no wind or sun. Computerised control systems manage energy supplies accordingly, either storing it as reserves or releasing it into the grid. This means that stored power can be released during peak times, keeping costs down while maintaining a reliable supply.

The challenge ahead for electricity grids is operating and maintaining BESS reliably and safely. Batteries must be kept at optimum temperatures if they are to operate effectively, and so thermal management is extremely important to maintain performance and ensure safety. In hot climates and in periods of peak load, liquid immersion cooling with MIVOLT ensures all areas of a cell are cooled, reducing the risk of hot spots and minimising the risk of thermal propagation. In cold climates, MIVOLT liquid immersion cooling can provide effective pre-heating to enhance charge rates and prevent premature ageing of cells.

Benefits include:

  • Maximum battery performance

  • Improved reliability

  • Enhanced battery lifetime

  • Increased safety

  • Minimal environmental impact