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Who manufactures MIVOLT?

MIDEL & MIVOLT Fluids Ltd is a member of the Shell Group, developing specialised materials for challenging applications, and whose roots can be traced back to 1901.

Having started out manufacturing products for electrical insulation, the company has reinvested in its capabilities throughout its history, having engineered its first dielectric fluid range over 40 years ago.

Globally, MIDEL & MIVOLT Fluids Ltd supplies to a wide range of sectors. From its Trafford Park headquarters in the UK, it exports to 60+ countries around the globe, supported by the company’s growing network of production facilities and commercial premises across the Americas, Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia Pacific.

MIVOLT fluids are liquid engineered to cool electrical systems safely, today and tomorrow. The readily biodegradable, dielectric characteristics of MIVOLT fluids provide the ultimate in protection. From workers, to the general public, to the environment – MIVOLT protects manufacturing processes, major assets, data and applications in a safe and responsible manner.

With MIVOLT fluids – performance is maximised, environmental impacts are minimised.

MIVOLT’s mission is to develop the safest, most effective dielectric fluids for direct immersion cooling – enabling the next generation of safer, greener, cooler electrical and electronic systems.