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EVs – Mass Transit

EV Battery Cooling for Passenger and Haulage Transportation

Mass Transit EV Battery Cooling

Electrifying fleet vehicles presents many benefits – namely cleaner air, reduced noise pollution and fewer carbon emissions. However, there are many challenges to overcome before the roll out of mass transit electric vehicles becomes a reality:

  • Charging times

  • Battery longevity

  • Battery performance

  • Charging infrastructure

  • Range anxiety

Liquid immersion cooling mass transit EV batteries with MIVOLT can address range anxiety, charging times and battery performance. When batteries are immersed in MIVOLT esters they are cooled efficiently to reach their optimum temperature. This improves performance, reduces degradation from overheating and enables high power transfers during charging. From a safety perspective, with its high fire point, MIVOLT safely cools batteries and reduces the risk of thermal runaway. The range of liquids is readily biodegradable and non-toxic, which further adds to its safety credentials.

Immersing batteries in MIVOLT can also achieve cost savings, mainly because expensive, complex cooling systems are not necessary. The battery cells also take up less space yet provide the same amount (if not more) power as a larger sized module.

Benefits of Liquid Immersion Cooling

  • Maximum performance

  • Faster charging

  • Enhanced safety

  • Environmentally friendly

Battery cells immersed in MIVOLT can provide a cost-effective solution to thermal management, for safer, cooler, greener high performance EV batteries.