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Electric Vehicle Battery Cooling for BEVs | PHEVs | HEVs

Electric Vehicle Battery Cooling

Like any new industry, the electric car industry is facing several challenges. They largely revolve around technology, infrastructure, costs and consumer perceptions. EV battery design can influence each one of these issues. If battery performance can be maximised, the electric car industry can overcome some of its challenges.

The key to unlocking optimal battery performance is thermal management. Temperature plays an important role when it comes to the longevity, efficiency and safety of a battery cell. If the temperature is too low, range, power and performance can be affected. If the temperature is too high, cell degradation can occur, potentially leading to thermal runaway.

When battery cells are immersed in MIVOLT immersion cooling liquids, heat is absorbed and dissipated effectively. An optimum temperature is achieved and this presents a number of benefits:

  • Maximise power capacity

  • Increase vehicle range

  • Faster charging

  • Improve battery life

In addition to the above, our i-CoBat study with Ricardo and the University of Warwick highlighted the following advantages of liquid immersion for electric vehicle battery cooling using MIVOLT:

  • Cost savings

  • Smaller modules with the same amount of power as a typical module

  • Reduced risk of thermal runaway

Battery cells immersed in MIVOLT can provide a cost-effective solution to thermal management, for safer, cooler, greener high performance EV batteries.