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Electrified Transport

Optimised Thermal Management using MIVOLT

Immersion Cooling for EVs

Transportation is roughly accountable for one third of the world’s energy consumption. Electrification is key in enabling society to reduce its CO2 emissions by replacing fossil-fueled vehicles with electric ones.

Electrifying vehicles presents a number of challenges:

  • Costs
  • Battery technology
  • Infrastructure

Electric vehicles are expensive and going from an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) to an EV isn’t a straightforward swap. Right now EV’s don’t have the same convenience as their petrol equivalents. This is due to battery technology and a lack of charging infrastructure. However, thermal management is a major enabler in overcoming these challenges.

In order for EV batteries to remain within their optimum operating parameters, their temperature must be controlled effectively. Liquid immersion cooling with MIVOLT ensures that battery cells are kept at ideal temperatures, which preserves their capacity, optimises their length of charge and improves their longevity. This maximises the performance, reliability and robustness of electric vehicles. Liquid immersion cooling also negates the need for expensive thermal management systems, reducing costs while simplifying battery system design.

MIVOLT for Electrified Transport: