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Immersion Cooling for Edge | Micro Data Centres

Edge | Micro Datacentre Cooling

Edge computing is becoming critical as the world is becoming more and more digital. Speed, efficiency and reliability are all expected. This means that data centre operators are challenged with meeting data demands while minimising emissions. Edge computing is made possible through micro data centres, which are smaller, modular data centres. As these smaller data centres can be positioned closer to users, they reduce latency while providing organisations with an affordable, reliable, space-saving solution.

Computing at the edge does, however, bring some challenges. Micro data centres operate in tight spaces – from urban locations to harsh, remote environments. They need to function safely across a wide range of conditions and temperatures.

Liquid immersion cooling with MIVOLT can help edge computing address these challenges. As servers are immersed in a dielectric liquid, they are cooled effectively and protected from environmental factors, such as dust and moisture. This ensures reliability and makes it possible to locate micro data centres in the harshest of environments, where air cooling would be impossible to implement. This also means that costly, complex cooling equipment becomes unnecessary, reducing a data centre’s footprint, CAPEX and cooling energy costs.

Benefits of liquid immersion cooling with MIVOLT:

  • Location flexibility

  • Improved reliability

  • Smaller footprint

  • Greater power rack density