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Immersion Cooling for Compact Design Battery Packs

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Global warming, climate change and air pollution levels emphasize the need to switch from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric, hence the decision by legislators to phase out all new motorcycles with an engine by 2035.

Motorcycle manufacturers are now challenged with convincing motorcyclists that e-bikes can deliver the same sensory experience as today’s petrol-powered bikes. Performance is a major challenge they face – speed, dynamics and rider experience must be comparable with what they are used to. As with electric cars, range anxiety also poses problems (the fear that a bike has insufficient range to reach its destination or runs out of charge whilst out). Lastly, costs also affect the decision to switch from ICE to electric.

Thermal management of e-bike batteries with MIVOLT immersion liquids can improve performance, minimise range anxiety and reduce costs. This is because liquid immersion cooling reduces the number of cells necessary, which lowers the bikes’ weight and increases its performance. Battery modules become cheaper as less cells are required for the same power output. This method of thermal management also reduces the likelihood of hotspots, meaning that battery temperatures are maintained at optimal levels at all times, increasing both performance and range.

Benefits of liquid cooling e-bike batteries with MIVOLT:

  • Reduced pack volume

  • Cooler cells

  • Increased power

  • Faster charging

  • Enhanced safety

  • Readily biodegradable and non-toxic