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Crypto Mining

Immersion Cooling for Miners

Crypto Mining Cooling

It is estimated that Bitcoin mining consumes electricity at an annual rate of 121.64 TWh. This is more than some countries use in a year according to Statista, with the average consumption for one single Bitcoin transaction in 2022 (2,188.59 KWh) equaling several hundreds of thousands of VISA card transactions!

The more computer power, the more chance of validating Bitcoin transactions. However, increasing both power and hash rate are expensive in terms of CAPEX. Additionally, the more heat produced – the more difficult it becomes to cool, which contributes to OPEX. With machines running 24/7, thermal management is essential if equipment is to remain reliable and cost-effective.

To address performance, thermal management and costs, miners need to adopt liquid immersion cooling with MIVOLT. Servers are maintained at ideal temperatures which improves reliability, increases rack density and reduces downtime. CAPEX and OPEX savings are made as there is no need for complex cooling systems that are expensive to run. Cutting cooling power and as a non-toxic and readily biodegradable range of liquids, MIVOLT also enhances a miner’s sustainability.