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Case Studies

KAORI Heat Treatment Ltd

Demonstrating the superiority of liquid immersion cooling servers

Despite a renewed interest in liquid immersion cooling, when it comes to thermal management, data centre infrastructure is still predominantly based on air cooling technology. Consequently, it is standard practice to retrofit air-cooled servers for use in immersion cooled systems.

In order to demonstrate how a server originally designed for air cooling performs when liquid immersion-cooled, a proof of concept study was undertaken by KAORI Heat Treatment Ltd. and MIVOLT.

KAORI provided the immersion system, which used MIVOLT as the dielectric coolant. The server was supplied by SuperMicro.


Faraday Future

Pioneers of the fully submerged battery pack

Faraday Future (FF) is dedicated to pushing the boundaries with electric vehicle technology. The FF 91 is their flagship all-electric luxury SUV with a pioneering patented cooling scheme.

The coolant utilised needed to meet a set of strong requisites – compatible with the battery cells, not be flammable, have low viscosity, and be relatively inexpensive.

Faraday Future turned to MIVOLT to support this critical element of their development programme.

Warwick Moto (WMG)

Developing a first in the electric automotive market

In just seven months, the team at WMG developed and built an electric racing motorcycle named ‘Frontier’, using a high-performance sports model as a platform.

Using an immersion-cooled battery with MIVOLT presented many benefits to the Warwick Moto team, including an industry-first compact battery pack capable of enabling superbike performance.

Project I-CoBat

Powering up battery business in the UK

As part of the Government’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF), the Faraday Battery Challenge is investing up to £330 million in research and innovation projects and facilities to drive the growth of a strong battery business in the UK.

Project I-CoBat was funded by the ISCF Faraday Battery Challenge to test an immersion cooled battery pack concept designed by Ricardo and tested by WMG, using MIVOLT as the dielectric cooling liquid.