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A new Frontier for electric motorcycles

Warwick Moto has developed a first in the electric automotive market, by building an electric racing motorcycle named ‘Frontier’, which is powered by a newly designed compact immersion-cooled battery pack using MIVOLT fluid and fitted to a high-performance Norton chassis platform.

The team is a multi-departmental project at WMG, The University of Warwick, consisting of students, researchers, and academics, who, in just seven months, have developed a powertrain with an output rating of 160kW (201bhp) – delivering 400Nm of torque from a standing start. The acceleration and speed characteristics of Frontier roughly translate into an internal combustion-engine equivalent of around 900cc to 1,000cc.

Rider Tom Weeden and the Team from Warwick Moto

All this is supplied by the team’s newly designed compact battery pack with a capacity of 16kWh. Cooled using MIVOLT liquid, the pack has longer durability and larger short term power peaks required by a racing motorbike. In addition, the cooling system will enable the team to operate at a more efficient temperature range by optimising the starting temperature of the MIVOLT liquid prior to a race or testing, based on the requirements of the track.

The team’s long-term objective is to compete against the most technically advanced motorcycle builders and engineering companies from around the world at the Isle of Man TT races, with the TT Zero class their first goal. Riding Frontier for Warwick Moto will be road racer Tom Weeden, who has been working closely with the team and is hoping for a qualifying podium finish in front of a global audience of around 26 million people.

To find out more about the collaboration between Warwick Moto and MIVOLT, download our case study here.

“Our partnership with MIVOLT has enabled us to develop a high-performance battery pack tailored specifically to the intense demands of the Isle of Man TT Zero. The immersion cooling fluid allows us to package the cells more closely, culminating in a 16kWh pack which perfectly fits our Norton chassis. Moreover, by using MIVOLT we have been able to extract higher discharge rates, enabling 210 kW of power delivery.”

Aneesh jois, engineering director – warwick moto

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